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We are a professional factory

Changzhou Qilin Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. began to engage in the processing of plastic parts and hardware parts in 2012, and has a production history of more than 10 years. Has a complete set of processing experience.Since 2016, we have specialized in the production of magnetic products and related accessories for NdFeB magnets.

Magnetic products mainly include magnetic chucks, magnetic hooks, magnetic badges, magnetic thumbtacks, luggagel buckles, magnet encapsulation and other magnetic components.

Quality assurance, perfect service

With completel specifications and product quality standards in line with ROHS requirements. Welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to come to our factory for processing, inquiry and proofing.

We have a professional design and R&D team, can meet the requirements of customers, We will return your trust and support to us with sincere service and satisfactory products.

Design and Quality

From design to destination, we take pride in putting quality first here at Qilin Magnetics. We know what’s important to us, and what you look for in magnet fishing gear. Quality design, materials, and customer service will never go out of style here!

Thanks Partner

Qilin Magnetics, wants to thank all of you for supporting our business. Your purchases helps us continue to provide the best magnets and accessories on the market, let us continue to innovate, and allow us to keep making Qilin better and better.

Customer Reviews

Customer from Pensacola scored lots of finds with his double-sided magnet in his first week testing it out”Highly recommend! This magnet is seriously strong, I have pulled 4 200lb guardrails out of the ocean with it already without any problems.

Special Discount

When you need to place an order, please remember to contact us to give you exclusive discounts!

10+ Years Experience

More than ten years of experience in the production of magnetic products for NdFeB magnets, with a complete set of processing experience.

Professional Services

Welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to come to our factory for processing, inquiry and proofing. 

200+ Exporting Countries

We export to North America, Eastern Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and other regions.

Which magnet is right for you?

New to magnet fishing or buying for someone else?  We’ll help you figureout what magnet is best.

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