Magnet fishing: Noblesville woman part of growing Indiana trend

Fishing off the dock at Morse Reservoir, Angel Carbone felt a tug on her line. Anticipation surging, she reeled in her catch and took a look.

A wristwatch.

She was ecstatic.

“Ahaha!” she exclaimed. “I got a watch … it’s running!”

The silver Casio was, indeed, ticking, and even had the right time. It wasn’t too rusty or gunky so Carbone said she might post it on her TikTok page to see if anyone claims it.

For magnet fishers like Carbone, tiny hauls like old watches or flashlights can provide big thrills. It’s the pursuit of the unknown, the treasure hunt, that can keep her on a dock or a boat for eight hours straight dropping a heavy-duty magnet into the water and roping it in minutes later.

“All I can think of when I’m on the water is what I’m going to find next,” Carbone, of Noblesville, said.

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Magnet fishing soared when the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020 and people sought solitary outdoor activities to escape the tedium of lockdowns. Carbone had seen some videos a few years earlier on YouTube, and when a friend gave her a magnet set she was hooked.

“I fell in love right away,” she said. “It is very therapeutic. You fish without killing fish.”

Carbone goes out just about every day the weather is nice enough. She’s fished off bridges, pontoons, kayaks and alongside creeks. Though most hauls snag smaller items such as cellphones and utility tools, she’s reeled in bicycles, chairs and a wrought-iron gate.


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